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Slavery has been a cross-cultural social and legal insititution in many human socities. Throughout the Internet History Sourcebooks Project, there are a number of primary source documents related to slavery and the goal of this page is simply to bring them together.


Ancient Slavery

Greek World

  • Slavery in the Roman Republic excerpts from Plautus, Pseudolus, Act. I, Sc. 2; Cato the Elder, Agriculture, chs. 56-59; Plautus, Menaechmi, Act V, Sc. 4.; and Plutarch, Life of Crassus, viii-xi (on the Spartacus revolt). [At this Site]
  • Texts on Three Roman Slave Revolts
    A. Sicily 136-132 BCE - Diodorus Siculus (wrote 60-30 BCE), Bibliotheke Books 34/35. 2. 1-48; Strabo (64/3 BC- c.21 CE), Geography Book 6. 2. 6-7; Florus, Epitome of Roman History 2. 7. 1-8; Orosius, Histories Book 5. 6
    B. Sicily 104-100 BCE - Diodorus Siculus (wrote 60-30 BCE), Bibliotheke Book 36. 1-11; Florus, Epitome 2. 7. 9-12; Dio Cassius (c.155-235 CE), Roman History Book 27 fragment 101
    C. The War with Spartacus 73-71 CE - Plutarch, Crassus 8-11; Florus, Epitome 2. 8. 20; Appian, The Civil Wars 1. 111-121; Orosius, Histories 5. 24. 1-8
  • Tacitus (b.56/57-after 117 CE): The Murder of Pedanius Secundus (Annals 14) [Was At Michigan, now Internet Archive]
    On the murder of a slave-owner by his slave, possibly because of homosexual jealousy. The Senate addresses whether all the slaves in the house should be killed.
  • 2ND John Madden: Slavery in the Roman Empire Numbers and Origins [Was At Classics Ireland, now Internet Archive]



Early Modern Europe


The Slave Trade

Enslaved People

The Ending of Slavery

The Americas


  • Slavery in Brazil PDF File [Was at Utexas, now Internet Archive]
    Contains a number of primary sources on slavery in Brazil.
  • WEB Brazilian Slavery [At HistClo] [Internet Archive version here]
  • Charles Darwin: “I shall never again visit a slave-country” passage from near the end of the Voyage of the Beagle [At Victorian Web] [Internet Archive version here]
  • Thomas Ewbank: On Slavery in Brazil 1856 [At Modern Latin America] [Internet Archive version here]
  • Pope Leo XIII: Encyclical In Plurimus (On the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil),  1888. [At the Vatican]
    The pope gives a history of slavery in the modern period, condemns Muslim slavery and condones anti-slavery activity by popes. He neglects to mention the permission for the onset of the African slave trade provide by Pope Nicholas V.

China and East Asia

Secondary Literature



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